About Max Gartenberg Literary Agency

Max Gartenberg Literary Agency is an author-focused agency, which handles children's and adult books intended for general readers.

Among notable books the agency has handled in its 70 year history are Don Robertson's Paradise Falls (Putnam), a Main Selection of the Literary Guild; W. S. Kuniczak's The Thousand Hour Day (Dial), a Main Selection of the Book of the Month Club; The Art of War and The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China (Westview) by Ralph D. Sawyer, a Selection of the Military Book Club; Slaughter on North LaSalle by Robert L. Snow, named one of the Top 10 Best True Crime books of 2012; The Dying of the Trees by Charles E. Little (Viking), The Frog Prince by Maurice Girodias (Crown), Once They Moved Like the Wind by David Roberts (Simon and Schuster), The Total Film-Maker by Jerry Lewis (Random House), A Heritage of Stone by Jim Garrison (Putnam), Bird: The Legend of Charlie Parker by Robert George Reisner (Citadel), Everything A New Elementary School Teacher Really Needs To Know by Otis Kreigel (Free Spirit Publishing), Phantom Illness by Carla Cantor (Houghton Mifflin); and hundreds of other books in both hard and soft covers.

Thanks to the wonders of modern communications, our agents are able to maintain productive relationships with editors and publishers throughout the United States and, indeed, the world.